Sunday Conversations

Archive of conversations you may have missed, or wish to revisit.


For those of you who are up on upcoming movies, you may be anticipating the December release of Star Wars, or perhaps your favourite super hero flick. This is the time of year when big movies are scheduled to be released. That said, I’m sure there’s a movie that...

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With you in the fire – Daniel 3

A very long time ago, the summer after Janet and I were first married, Janet was introducing me to a northern Ontario Lake. A lovely place for sure. There was an island that people would swim to. Not far from this beach. At least it didn’t look that far to my city...

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Be Free, Danielle Strickland, Talk #2

If you missed Sunday's conversation or wanna review it again, here you go. In a nutshell, Danielle encourages us to apply these four principles when dealing with oppression, take some time to think about them and apply them to your life and/or situation. To Be Free,...

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Be Free, Danielle Strickland: Talk #1

What do you want to be free from? What do you wish you could say 'bye' to? Is it a season, a circumstance, an addiction, a habit, etc? Name it. Fill in the ________. Then let it go!!! The story of Moses leading the Israelites to freedom from slavery is our story!...

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Step, Stand, & Sit – Psalm 1

It is so good to be back. Oh how we missed gathering together! I hope and pray that our volunteers feel rested and ready to go, that you’re all in a better state of mind because of the summer. Of course we know that not everyone’s summer is restful or fun, some of you...

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Who can you Trust? Psalm 20

We have been in Whitby for 15 years now. Wow, time flies when you're having fun. It feels like yesterday when we moved from Maple (2 min from Wonderland, which is not all it's cracked up to be) to Jays Drive, Whitby. Our house sell experience was interesting. Sold in...

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