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93 days of summer / spirituality #4 1/2

Just ahead of finishing up our ‘spirituality’ series, we thought we’d fit in a brief talk about summer, your plans for it, and why it’s important to  schedule more than vacations and rest. There are officially 93 days of summer. June... read more

Spirituality #4 – Fruit?

I’ve tried my hand at gardening. The verdict is still out if I’ll be successful. Things are growing, but time will tell if we’ll actually eat some fresh food from our garden. My bet is yes!!! So many of us don’t really consider how much work it... read more

Spirituality #3 – gifts, community & love

Seems like when we ask the question, “What does it mean to be spiritual?” we come at it as individuals and try and take from it something for ourselves, personally, almost selfishly. We might say or ask things like – I want to know what it means to be spiritual... read more

Spirit-U-ality #2: all actions & no talk?

We’ll all heard the saying, “All talk and no action”. It’s a great statement; inspiring, challenging, helpful. It’s used in settings where someone may be saying all the right words, but isn’t backing them up with his or her actions.... read more

Spirit-u-ality: part 1

Do you have any friends or colleagues who are great at what they do, but don’t always get the credit they deserve? Perhaps it’s a work colleague, a sport’s teammate, or just a really good person in your close group of friends. They’re a... read more

What Now? (a post easter chat)

We just love asking this question after Easter – WHAT NOW? It’s a question we ask ourselves in the most crucial and important moments of our lives: when we graduate, when we graduate again, when we get a job we’ve wanted but are a little scared to... read more

Peacemakers #2

For a recap or a the full video of this past weekend’s talk, go HERE!!! For small group notes, go HERE. See you Sunday for the third talk. Remember to be thinking about how you want to respond to our Relief Kit... read more

52 Words to Follow: Last Words

Here we are: the final week in our series on the Lord’s Prayer. We made it! We hope it was both encouraging and inspiring…and most importantly, that it leads and compels us to PRAY more. Every thing must come to an end, even Jesus’ teaching on prayer. Some might say... read more