Sunday Conversations

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Brett Ullman Interview

This past week we interviewed Brett Ullman. Because of that we don't have a regular recap. However, We've listed the questions we posed to Brett, with a paraphrase of some of his responses. Also, for our small group discussion folks, their is a scripture text to read...

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Last week we started with saying a few Thank You's…(It was Canadian Thanksgiving) Sometimes, when given the opportunity to be grateful, we bring up ‘something’: job, money, car, experience - and that’s fair. However, if their was a poll, I really do think that...

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Overflowing with Thankfulness?

Can we say ‘thank you’ for days on a calendar? By that I mean, holi-days on the calendar? They seem to get us back to centre. They remind us of what’s important. They force us to rest? Holidays have a purpose…to re-centre us… Labour Day (grateful for the job you have)...

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THIS IS US : created to create (good things)

Who’s your favourite artist? Maybe we should break it down to segments of art. Music, Poetry, Writing, Painting, Decorating, Fashion, Dance, etc. Bands/Artists you may know: U2? Ed Sheeran? Adele? Sting? Paul McCartny? Bands/Artists I know but you may not know: Foy...

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Let me ask you…who still has a home phone? Apparently, 1/3 of Canadians don’t have a home phone anymore. Most of us understand that something has shifted in the last number of years. Technology is one thing…but…also...people used to enjoy (or be at least be ok)...

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September Stretch

Over the years I’ve had some episodes with my back. Some really bad, others just minimal. The last one (a few years ago) was the worst one. And it forced me to start doing something regularly that I never really did before. STRETCH… (bet you wish I could display a few...

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