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What are you afraid of?

What are you most afraid of? Interesting question, wouldn’t you say? It’s one of those questions that gets you thinking? If you’re one who tends to dig deep inside your emotions, you may ask yourself this quite often. If not, then perhaps you don’t think of it or at... read more

Your Story isn’t Over

I love that the scriptures, with so many of its stories, is hinting at Resurrection…or at least what is implied with the Resurrection. The Bible is always slowly, but surely, leading us to Jesus, his death for the world, his resurrection…and our identity in those two... read more

Way to Pray #2: Praying with Scripture

This past Sunday we took in Bruxy’s second video teaching on prayer (originally posted in January 2018). Last week we focused on The Lord’s Prayer as a model for prayer today. This week we learned that we can pray with and through scripture. As we read and... read more

Way to Pray#1 – Pray like Jesus

Below is a recap from the (meeting house) video teaching we’re walking through these middle weeks in March. APPETIZER: Teach Us To Pray Luke 11:1-13 A few tips to start us off… 1. PLACE – Find a comfortable, quiet, private place. (A “prayer closet”) 2.... read more

8 Simple Lines: I want to see God

In my household, 3 of 4 people need glasses. If you do the math, you’ll know that 1 of 4 don’t. That ‘1’ is me. If you don’t need glasses or contacts, you don’t really understand what the other vision-deficient people deal with.... read more

8 Simple Lines: Mercy Mercy Me

We reach a part of the Beatitudes where things shift. We go from posture to action, from acknowledging where we are, to determining who we will be and how we respond to the new kingdom values that are making themselves at home in our heart. Here’s where we’ve been so... read more

8 simple lines: hunger & thirst

How many foodies reading this post? Notice how foodies seem to want to out do each other on their food-i-ness? “I’m more of a foodie than you are” Or when we try and out do someone in our passion for a certain food. “I like this more than you do”  We might not say it,... read more