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8 Simple Lines: Mercy Mercy Me

We reach a part of the Beatitudes where things shift. We go from posture to action, from acknowledging where we are, to determining who we will be and how we respond to the new kingdom values that are making themselves at home in our heart. Here’s where we’ve been so... read more

8 simple lines: hunger & thirst

How many foodies reading this post? Notice how foodies seem to want to out do each other on their food-i-ness? “I’m more of a foodie than you are” Or when we try and out do someone in our passion for a certain food. “I like this more than you do”  We might not say it,... read more

8 simple lines: i AM at the end of my rope

A bunch of years ago I was a fan of a family sit-com. Anyone remember, “8 simple rules”? – 2 parents / 3 kids – the kids were different & unique (one daughter was vain, the other was smart, the son was rambunctious) – This was also John Ritter’s... read more

I want to be present like Jesus was present…

What a journey we’ve been on from before Christmas to now. We’ve been talking about Being Present…and how it beats out trying to be perfect. (check out the our past recaps) Thank you for engaging in this series. We’ve heard so many of you share how the word PRESENT... read more