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Heart Matters: a Liturgy for your Life

Today’s post caps off our series, HEART MATTERS. We’ve been digging deep, inviting God to move a few things around in the place where it matters most. Our Hearts. Jesus said, “From the outflow of the heart, the mouth speaks”. You don’t... read more

Heart Matters : Renovation

John Mayer has a line in the chorus one of his songs that says, “will it wash out in the water or is it always in the blood”. If you listen to this song you’ll see Mayer asking about change. Acknowledging his families influence on him, he’s... read more

Heart Matters: Guard your Heart

(just a few summarized thoughts from Brad Clarke’s talk this past weekend) We go to great lengths to protect the things we value. We protect our phones, we protect our cars and homes (via alarms and insurance), we protect our computers and tablets, we protect... read more

Living a Questionable Life

Do you ever wonder about how repeatable our days are? How uninterrupted our lives are? How monotonous things get? It’s not all bad of course? Doing good things regularly, is, well, good. Do you ever wonder if your life is too predicable? When was the last time you did... read more

I wanna be grateful. You?

It is Thanksgiving weekend…a Holiday that I think we get right. Not all Canadian Holidays are created equal. I love every day off I get, don’t get me wrong, but there’s something about taking a day off to be grateful that so resonates with our faith, and is good for... read more