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Let me ask you…who still has a home phone? Apparently, 1/3 of Canadians don’t have a home phone anymore. Most of us understand that something has shifted in the last number of years. Technology is one thing…but…also…people used to enjoy (or be at least be ok)... read more

September Stretch

Over the years I’ve had some episodes with my back. Some really bad, others just minimal. The last one (a few years ago) was the worst one. And it forced me to start doing something regularly that I never really did before. STRETCH… (bet you wish I could display a few... read more

Won’t you be my Neighbour? #3

Watch This…TIM HORTON’s COMMERCIAL Is that not an amazing commercial? Say what you will about their coffee (you may or may not be a fan), but Tim Horton’s knocked it out of the park with this creative genius. Sure…there are 100’s of other drinks or food choices... read more

Won’t you be my Neighbour? (2)

Spider Man (1970’s old school video) Any Spider Man fans around? He has a multi-generational group of fans. What is your favourite of his super powers? Web, strength, agility, stick-i-ness, spidey sense? As cool and effective as his powers might be, I think his... read more

Won’t you be my Neighbour?

Who remembers the children’s show, Mr. Rogers? Boy does that show take you back. A simple show that kids all over North America watched growing up. This year they’re releasing a documentary of the Mr. Rogers. (Check it out HERE) Rogers took risks, pushed... read more