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Won’t you be my Neighbour? (2)

Spider Man (1970’s old school video) Any Spider Man fans around? He has a multi-generational group of fans. What is your favourite of his super powers? Web, strength, agility, stick-i-ness, spidey sense? As cool and effective as his powers might be, I think his... read more

Won’t you be my Neighbour?

Who remembers the children’s show, Mr. Rogers? Boy does that show take you back. A simple show that kids all over North America watched growing up. This year they’re releasing a documentary of the Mr. Rogers. (Check it out HERE) Rogers took risks, pushed... read more

Beloved. Belong. Become.

This past weekend we had the privilege of hearing from Todd Lester. Todd works for Be In Christ Canada, the fellowship of churches we are grateful to belong too. Todd used his time with us to teach through the three values Be In Christ Canada has chosen to reflect and... read more

God doesn’t hate anything…except… #4

Cooking segments on day time TV are always interesting…I love how they have 5 min to make something, and it turns out amazing. What I find intriguing, from someone who doesn’t cook all that well, especially one who doesn’t bake, is how it all comes together. The... read more

God doesn’t hate anything…except… (#3)

If we’re honest, our response to the question, what do I absolutely hate, is led by our emotional state; it shifts with moods or circumstances. Bullying (if our kids have been bullied) Cold Weather (in a long winter) HEAT (when it’s gone on too long) Your lawnmower or... read more

God doesn’t hate anything…except… (#2)

When was the first time you lied? Do you remember? I remember the first time I wanted to lie…when I was 4 I accidentally stole some chocolate bars from the grocery store (an old school Dominion store at Yorkdale Mall)…at 4 years old…already a criminal. My brother and... read more

What are you afraid of?

What are you most afraid of? Interesting question, wouldn’t you say? It’s one of those questions that gets you thinking? If you’re one who tends to dig deep inside your emotions, you may ask yourself this quite often. If not, then perhaps you don’t think of it or at... read more

Your Story isn’t Over

I love that the scriptures, with so many of its stories, is hinting at Resurrection…or at least what is implied with the Resurrection. The Bible is always slowly, but surely, leading us to Jesus, his death for the world, his resurrection…and our identity in those two... read more