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I wanna be grateful. You?

It is Thanksgiving weekend…a Holiday that I think we get right. Not all Canadian Holidays are created equal. I love every day off I get, don’t get me wrong, but there’s something about taking a day off to be grateful that so resonates with our faith, and is good for... read more

Mid Summer Checkin- How are we doing?

Summer is passing us by. This always seems to be the case of course. We are surprised by July, shocked by August and sad with the thought of September. Why is it that summer feels like it flies by so fast? Before you know it, we’re putting the heat on in our homes and... read more

Address The Mess

August is here and that means that our summer and Church@Home series is starting in just a few days. Click below to download the discussion questions or this week’s audio file to listen on the go! Your site host will have the video and discussion question... read more

Discovery Truth on the Big Screen – ARRIVAL

What if you could see the future? What if you knew what was coming in 5, 10, or 15 years? You knew the joy around the corner, but you also knew the pain that was waiting for you? This is the gift Dr. Louise Banks was given. Unless of course you view it as a curse. To... read more

spirituality #5 – stay awake

As we bring this series to a close our hope is that we end in the same way we started it: If there’s one thing we want to appreciate and understand about the Holy Spirit, it’s this – He is present. As a kid I used to do something strange to get my mom’s... read more