Summer is passing us by. This always seems to be the case of course. We are
surprised by July, shocked by August and sad with the thought of September. Why is
it that summer feels like it flies by so fast? Before you know it, we’re putting the
heat on in our homes and apartments.

You may remember that we warned you about this earlier in June. We identified two
kinds of people, those who plan their summer and those who let their summer just
happen. We encouraged you to focus on two words this summer, kindness &
hospitality. How have you been doing with your homework? Have you been
intentionally kind? Have you looked for people who are in need of your kindness, a
neighbour, a friend, a barista at Starbucks or Tim Hortons? Kindness makes the
world better, and it makes us better too. How about hospitality? Have you had
someone over yet? Have you met someone for coffee or lunch and intentionally paid
for their meal? Have you accepted an invite to go to a neighbour’s house?
Hospitality goes both ways, opening your door is obvious, but walking in other
people’s homes can also be apart of the equation.
(In light of recent events in Charlottesville, are these two words not more
important than ever)

In July we walked and talked through 3 films: Arrival, Hidden Figures and The
Shack. We heard so much positive feedback about our Sunday conversations in July.
I think, no matter how much we believe that God is in the middle of culture, we still
have a hard time seeing him there. Making films the focus of our conversation
hopefully highlighted our God-bearing image, discovering that even on the big
screen, we can discover the values of the kingdom of heaven. The goal of that series
was simple, let’s celebrate kingdom values wherever we may discover them. Don’t
let it stop there, live them out loudly so that light overcomes darkness.

Here’s a refresher about church@home and why we do it.

-You’ve figured out by now that we do things differently in August. As we describe
this to friends in other churches, they quickly see that we aren’t just closing shop for
a month, but intentionally altering our schedules to better our church community

-Volunteers are our most valuable asset. We are fooled to think that buildings
or equipment are valuable. Nope, it’s people – people are valuable. In August
we give our volunteers a break from serving so that when September arrives,
and it’s coming, we can hit the road running

-We are community no matter where or how we meet. Try and make it to one
or more of our gathering points, house or café, it’s great to be together in a
more casual, yet still intentional way

-We’re still learning. Our video series is available for you to view online
through out the month. Know that we’ll be watching the last one together on
September 10 (so don’t go too far ahead)

-Finally – REST. We want you to rest, to take time with family and friends and
know that August is a great month to make that happen. So don’t let the
summer pass you by without seeing the people you wanna see and resting
your body and mind. September and October will feel a whole lot better if
you’re well rested.

We are looking forward to a wonderful fall season. September to December will be
full and exciting. Be praying now about who you might to invite to The Village this
season. Pray about it, and make the ask. Who knows what God will do! Here are some
things to be looking forward to! Our 5th anniversary, Fall series, Christa Hesselink
speaking in November, Small groups, Alpha, Kids & Students ministry, plus more!

Let’s keep becoming people who are known for two things: Loving God & Loving
Others. This is what makes the world better.

Bless ya,