During the month of March (2015) we are going through a video teaching series from Bruxy Cavey of The Meeting House. Below you’ll find brief notes from each video. You can of course watch the full videos HERE.

Week #1:

The context in which Christians live (in the affected middle east areas) are similar to that of the New Testament. The difference of course was that the Roman Empire was the oppressor in the first century.

When answering the question, ‘what should we do about ISIS?’ We should clarify who the ‘WE’ is. If by ‘WE’ we mean the government, then we really we cannot answer that question. However, if by ‘WE’ we mean the church, then our response will always be in the form of another question, ‘How do we follow and live out the teachings of Jesus?’

ISIS is Islam as much as the KKK is Christian and Westborough Baptist is Baptist.

ISIS is claiming to be a radical form of Islam. Interestingly, when we move to a radical form of Christianity, it should and will like like a faith rooted in love, mercy and peace. (not violence)

Biblical Text for this talk – Luke 6.
– Jesus says…love your enemies…3 ways he teaches us to serve our enemies…
– serve them
– bless them
– pray for them

YOUTUBE link the wasn’t seen on Sunday’s video teaching

What can ‘WE’ do in response
– Pray
– Continually become saturated in the teachings of Jesus
– Talk with your Muslim friends
– Learn respectfully
– Offer to serve our Muslim neighbours who are in need
– Go to affected areas and serve
– Support Refugee (houses and ministries in the GTA)
– Pray more

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Week #2 (coming next week)