Below you will find notes and links to last Sunday’s conversation. We’re in the middle of a video series (borrowed from TMH). We talk about the scriptures all the time, in our public Sunday gatherings, but for these few weeks we’re talking about how and why we read the Bible. It’s been a very important and valuable discussion so far.

Inspired (video series).001

Do you take the time to read the Bible or do you simply listen to others teach you about it. Of course we value gathering in community and learning from Scripture together, but do we take next steps in our learning and our faith journey? Reading the bible regularly is most definitely a part our spiritual growth journey. So…take it in on Sundays when we’re together, and also be determined to continue learning on your own.

Check out the notes HERE and the full video recap HERE.

The third and final part to this series is happening this Sunday. From there we’ll be jumping into an Easter series, “Before, After, & After that”