I just love the word ‘becoming’. It says so much about where I am as a person, as a husband, as father, and as a Christian. I can’t take the credit for this word. My friend introduced it to me a few years ago in the context faith and referencing ones spiritual journey.  Since then it has made me at ease with where I am at things, while still being very challenged to grow as one who follows Jesus.
Acts 18 introduces us to an individual who, by all accounts
is very accomplished. Apollos comes on the scene mid way through this chapter.
He is first seen in Ephesus. Luke tells us that he’s educated, eloquent, and
knows the way of God & Jesus. Yet while debating (talking/teaching) in his
first appearance in Acts, Aquilla & Pricsilla feel the need to take him aside
and make things even more clearly to him. What is worth noting is that Apollos
doesn’t object. Luke doesn’t say that he was offended or that he didn’t feel
the need to be taught. We do read on to see that after this, he goes on to lead
other to Jesus.
Here’s what we learn about ‘becoming’ followers of Jesus
from this text:
1) Becoming is an ongoing journey.
None of us have arrived. All of us are hopefully a little
further ahead than when we started, but not yet where we want to be. Becoming a
Christian is an ongoing journey: one we will be on our whole lives. Some may
see this as depressing, because they never feel the sense of accomplishment.
Others hopefully will see it as very appealing and refreshing.
No one likes a know it all: you know the guy at work that
can never learn anything knew because he knows everything. Christians can’t be
those kinds of people. Instead, we have be the most teachable people around.
Apollos knew lots, he was eloquent, and had lots to offer, but he still had
more to learn. And it’s worth noting who taught him: two business people. The
gospel is about a kingdom that doesn’t do things the way we think it should.
Business Entrepreneurs teaching spiritual teachers more about God doesn’t make
sense. Unless of course, you’re in God’s economy, where experience and
relationship go a long way.
2) Becoming is about green lights to move forward and make a
In our society we feel the need to get permission or a piece
of paper to contribute to society. We look for degrees and certificates. We can’t
wait for those kinds of things to make a difference in our world. In God’s
grace, as soon as we start walking, we can start serving. Now don’t hear this
the wrong way. Degrees are good. Education is important. Learning (as we just
mentioned) is essential. But we need to couple our learning with our action. We
must put our education to quick use and get onto the field. There’s work to be
done, lives to be changed, neighbours to love, cities to invest in. Get your
education, get your degrees, get your certification, but by all means don’t
wait for graduation day to get on with it – start working, start serving, start
creating today. God will help you, and will use you to do some real significant
things that make our world better.

So, you become a Christian? Me too. Let’s become one