Keep on going. It’s worth the adventure, the struggle, the pain, and the arrival to the other side.

Below are some questions Christa left us with in regards to our conversation on Sunday. Dig in.

1. What feels like a place you are stuck or burdened, weighed down?
2. (Philippians 4:4-8) Seek the Sweet: Do you have a practice of solitude and/or gratitude in your life? If so, what is it and how has it impacted you? If not, what might be your first step towards it?
3. (Romans15) Embrace your Pace: What are the weaknesses/vulnerabilities that you feel insecure about and self-judge yourself about? What does God have to say about you amidst these “frailties”? How can you bring some peace to these parts of yourself?
4. (Romans 12) Lean on others: Who are the fellow pilgrims you have in your life right now? (can include books, songs, others resources/things). Who needs you to take special notice and encourage them today?
5. (Hebrews 11,12) Keep the long view:
What images, messages can you lean on to get a new perspective on your circumstance so you can “keep going”?