A few people from The Village helped Christine’s Closet during this year’s prom season. Read the summary below and be inspired by what a few people can do to put a smile on the faces of grade 8 girls…
Dress day was an absolute success this year! Thank you to everyone who donated anything from dresses, shoes, accessories or their time to help with dress day this year, your hard work and donations do not go unnoticed. To give you a little bit of a background Christine’s Closet is an extension of another local charity, Building Bands Canada. Building bands Canada was founded in 2008 by Christine Newman and Laura Gardner. This amazing charity provides music lessons for at risk youth in schools, detention centres, alternative learning centres and more. While providing these music lessons in a school a few years back the topic of prom came up and how some of the girls didn’t have dresses to wear. Christine and Laura saw a need and immediately met it, Christine’s Closet was born.
Every year Christine’s Closet asks for donations of prom dresses and accessories and then set up shop in a school in Oshawa where girls come from surrounding schools to shop for a dress just for them.
The girls were so excited to have such amazing selection this year and each girl was able to leave with a dress that made them feel special.